Patent quality


Drafting patent applications is a real skill and there are several parameters that have to be taken into consideration to ensure that the patent application will result in a good, solid patent protection.

Optimal scope of protection

The person who drafts the patent application has to define the desired scope of protection that should be adapted to prior art. The scope of protection determines the technical solutions covered by the granted patent. A patent can be designed to protect a specific, technical solution. In most cases, it is however more valuable to protect the basic principle of the invention and consequently also other technical solutions and variants.

Get things right from the beginning

As the options of correcting a patent application afterwards are very limited, it is important to ensure everything is correct from the beginning. In addition to the defined scope of protection, the invention has to be described in a comprehensive and correct manner in a technical description and figures. Seemingly insignificant details can often prove crucial to whether or not a patent application results in a strong patent protection.


During our time working in the field of patents, we have drafted hundreds of patent applications, prosecuted numerous patent applications to granted patents in various countries and have built up many years of experience by recurring contact with the patent authorities in different parts of the world. We have also assessed a large number of patents from several leading companies with respect to the scope of protection and the likelihood of certain products infringing on these patents.

Great care

Based on our experience and current case law, we take great care when we draft patent applications intended to give your business optimal protection and facilitate efficient prosecution of the case at the patent authority, from the filing date to the issue date.

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