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Processing of personal data at Jönrup & Eriksson Patent AB –
Information according to the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679/EG)

Responsible party
Jönrup & Eriksson Patent AB is responsible for all the personal data we obtain in conjunction with assignments or that is processed as the assignment is being prepared or administrated. Furthermore, Jönrup & Eriksson Patent AB is also responsible for any personal data that might be involved in marketing, think tank activities, knowledge sharing and supplier contacts.

Personal data
The personal data referred to in this document is primarily the person’s name and contact information such as address, telephone number and email address.

We process this personal data to provide and carry out our services and, more specifically, manage our assignments in order to serve the customer’s interests as well as for book-keeping and invoicing purposes.
The personal data may also be used for business and method development, market analysis, statistics, risk management and to administer mailing of newsletters and invitations.

We save all the data in our system software for invoice and case management, as well as in customer and supplier registers.

Legalities, Legal obligations
Most of our data processing is necessary in order to fulfil obligations towards the customer.

Furthermore, there might be legal/regulatory requirements and other legal obligations towards authorities. Should the assignment involve submitting one or more patent applications, the patent act requires the inventor’s personal data to be stated. Should the assignment involve submitting one or more patent application in a different country, based on similar regulatory requirements, we need to transfer the same personal data to that particular country. Such personal data about inventors and the transfer of that personal data to another country is necessary to complete a contract between Jönrup & Eriksson Patent AB and the customer.

We are required by law (Swedish Accounting Act) to fulfil certain obligations and criteria concerning accounting and invoicing.

Legitimate interest
Apart from the processing necessary to fulfil our ‘legal obligations’ outlined above, we also process certain data where there is clearly a defined legitimate interest. We take the integrity aspect of the contacts into account and balance this against our interest in accordance with the above-mentioned ‘Purpose’ paragraph.

We will not divulge any personal data to third parties and external sources, unless this (i) has been specifically agreed between you and us, or (ii) if it should be necessary within a certain framework of an assignment in order to protect your rights, or (iii) if it is necessary in order to comply with legal obligation or subsequent rulings from authorities or court of law, or (iv) if we have to engage external third-party service providers in Sweden that will take care of an assignment on our behalf. The information may be disclosed to courts of law, authorities, counterparts and representatives of counterpart, if we deem it necessary for the safe-keeping of your rights and interests.

Storage period
We only store the contact information for as long as we deem it legitimate and just, taking into consideration what is stated above about ‘Legal basis’ and ‘Purpose’, which according to industry customs comprises a ten-year period from the date of the conclusion of the case, or for a longer time should the nature of the case require that.

Your rights
In accordance with the General Data Protection Act, you have the right to demand access at any given time to the personal data stored about you. You also have the right to ask for any incorrect data about you to be corrected, to demand that your personal data is erased or to limit our processing of your data, to exercise your right to data portability and to object to the processing of our personal data.

With regards to a request of erasing personal data, this can only be granted when the data is no longer needed in order for us to fulfil the purpose for why it was gathered in the first place. There may still be some legal obligations stopping us from erasing some of the data. In these cases, we will block the information we are legally obliged to keep to ensure this data will not be used for any purpose other than to fulfil our legal obligations.

Should the processing of personal data be based on mutual consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time during this processing period.

Should you want to exercise any of your rights, please contact us and we will do our utmost to help. Our contact details are listed below.

You also have the right to make a complaint to the relevant supervisory body (Datainspektionen,, at any time, should you feel that your personal data has not been stored or processed in accordance with the relevant data protection act.

Contact information
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