We offer services within a wide field of patent-related issues.

ikon patentbarhetsbedömningar

Patentability assessments

We help you in analysing an idea, technology, product or service with respect to what could be a patentable invention.

We also do novelty searches and patentability assessments to investigate the patentability of an invention compared to prior art. This includes searches for published patent documents describing closely related technology.

ikon patentansökning

Patent applications

We draft patent applications for filing with various patent authorities. Based on our experience and current case law, we take great care in creating patent applications that can form the basis of patent rights all over the world.

Our goal is to achieve patents that provide optimal protection for an invention and add the highest possible value.

ikon kommunikation med patentverk

Communication with relevant patent authorities

The patent authorities examine patent applications and send out Office actions with opinions on patentability of the invention. We communicate with the relevant patent authorities and respond to such Office actions in order to ensure the applications being handled correctly all the way to approved patents.

In countries outside Europe, we use local business partners to handle the communication with relevant patent authorities.

ikon invändningar patent


It is possible to oppose to a patent, i.e. complain to the patent authority about their decision to grant a patent, should the patent have been approved on incorrect grounds. We manage oppositions filed with the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (PRV) and the European Patent Office (EPO).

We will help you defend your own patents against oppositions, and challenge patents of your competitors by filing oppositions.

ikon patent freedom to operate

Freedom to operate

We will help you identify critical aspects of your technology, product or service when it comes to the risk of infringing others’ patents.

We carry out searches for relevant patent documents, filter the search results and analyse the infringement risk. Our analysis can then be used during your decision-making process to outline possible measures to reduce the risk of infringement.

ikon patent intrång och giltighet

Infringement and validity

We carry out investigations to determine the scope of protection of patents. The result from such an investigation can then be used to assess whether or not a specific product or service is considered to infringe the patent, and to assess in which circumstances the patent can be used to prevent others from using the patented technology.

In conjunction with this infringement investigation, we also carry out an assessment of the validity of the patent in view of prior art and how the case has been prosecuted up to issuance of the patent.

ikon relationertillpartners


We can support you in a range of patent-related questions when it comes to interacting with business partners, such as when cooperating in technology development projects. That might, for instance, mean that we assist you in drafting patent-related clauses in contracts.

ikon - uppköp samgående konflikt

Acquisitions, mergers and conflicts

In circumstances such as purchasing or selling technology and patent rights, mergers or acquisitions of companies, we can analyse a patent portfolio in conjunction with a so-called due diligence process.

We also strongly advise carrying out an analysis of the patent portfolio in case of a conflict of patents.

ikon interna processer för patent

Internal patent-management processes

We support you in establishing efficient, internal patent-related processes and ways of working, both concerning handling your own inventions and patents, including every step of the way from generating ideas to commercial use of patents, as well as identifying and assessing the competitors’ patents.