Start-ups and IP

Increasing the value of your business

Patents are concrete assets that can increase the value of your business significantly and make a start-up company more attractive to investors, business partners, acquirers and others.

Competition advantages

Patents can facilitate the development of the business and help the company grow by making the company products or services less exposed to competition.

Patent quality and scope of protection

For the patents to provide competitive advantages, they need to have the right scope of protection that makes it more difficult for others to provide equivalent products or services.

The patent can be written in such a way that the sole purpose is to protect a specific, technical solution and there are certain situations where this is the right way to go. In most cases, it is however more valuable if a patent protects the basic principle of the invention and consequently also protects other technical solutions and variants.

We work strategically to create patents with a broad scope of protection.

Jönrup och Eriksson kundmöte gällande patent och patentstrategi